Thursday, January 15, 2015

Electric Skateboards Pros And Cons

Electric Skateboards: Pros And Cons 

Electric or motorized skateboards are skating boards that depend on battery power to operate. Unlike regular skateboards, these electric engine propelled skateboards can accelerate (up to 25 miles per hour) and brake at the touch of a button. Although powered, these skateboards require the same skill and technique to ride and steer, only that you never have to push yourself.  Due to this reason, skateboarding has become a thrilling sport where almost every youngster would love to participate in.
 If you want to know more about electric skateboards, take some time to look into its pros and cons

Advantages Of Having An Electric Skateboard 

1.  Easy to learn and ride (Adjustable Power)

Learning how to ride and steer an electric skateboard is very easy. The reason why, is because one can adjust power to either learner, standard or expert mode depending on his/her experience. First timers are advised to use the learner mode, which ensures minimal power and slower acceleration, which helps one gain confidence and learn how to control the system.  You may or may not need someone to train you how to ride a powered skateboard.

2. Handheld Wireless Control 

Electric powered skateboard operate with sensors and a Bluetooth remote control, which enables the rider to control speed and acceleration at the touch of a button.  The best thing about this feature is that, the remote controller (called a thumbwheel) enables you to ride smoothly while focusing on the ride/road, instead of having to push. This makes learning and riding the skateboard a lot more fun than when using regular skateboards.

3. Regenerative Brakes

These electric skateboards run on battery power, meaning it needs to be charged once its charge is depleted. To ensure the battery runs longer than its capacity, electric skateboard system manufacturers have designed it to regenerate power especially while braking. The regenerated power enables the system to run for longer especially on uneven landscapes.

4. Ability To Achieve A Top Speed Of 25MPH

The electric motors onboard are capable of achieving top speeds of 25 miles per hour on level ground. This speed is astounding considering its power comes from an 800 watt or less power unit. Another interesting fact about these skateboards is that, they can cover more than 30 kilometers, which is more than an hour’s ride. Some skateboards can run for even longer though this may be impacted by the rider’s weight as well.

The Cons 

1. Weight

Electric skateboards are considerably much heavier than the regular ones. The excess weight comes from the inbuilt battery, brake pads, and motors. Taking stunts on this device is, therefore, almost impossible

2. Weight Capacity

The skateboards capacity is limited to its power, riding speed and battery charge. While almost anyone can use the regular skateboards, lighter persons are the most advantaged when using these electric powered versions.  If a heavier person attempts to ride on this skateboard, then chances are it will only run for a few minutes then come to a standstill. The extra weight demands more power, which depletes the onboard battery faster.


Electric skateboards are great for sporting as they can achieve top speeds fast.  They are, therefore, better placed than regular skateboards.


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